Welcome to the Bethel Methodist Church of Denton County. 

Thank you for visiting our site.  The Bethel Methodist Church of Denton County is a mission church conducting bible studies and other various church activities.

It is our deep desire that as we come together for worship and fellowship, that God will help us to Understand and Know Him as He really is. We desire other like-minded people in our local area to join us as we seek to perceive the “Why’s” of scripture.

If you feel a need to deepen and enlarge your understanding of God’s Word, we would like you to consider the Bethel Methodist Church. We appreciate your taking the time to read this information. God can be more real to you than you ever imagined. We invite you to experience the excitement, joy and peace which come from perceiving Christ as He really is. It will make a profound and lasting difference in your life and your relationship with God.

Weekly Bible Studies and Event Schedule:

Sunday School: 10:00 A.M.

Sunday Worship Service: 11:00 A.M.


3126 FM 2931

Aubrey, TX 76227

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Visit our YouTube channel

Visit our YouTube channel